Thursday, 1 April 2010

Interview with Evita.Sweet

Isabelle: Eva, how do you feel to be interviewed?

Eva: I feel great and i am excited, also i am pleasured. This is my first interview actually :)

Isabelle: What do you like about stardoll?

Eva: I really love clothse and making outfits, designing and decorating suite. But, the thing i love most are my amazing friends, including you . :)

Isabelle: Who inspires you?

Eva: Well, i got inspired by some fashion styles, mostly 20s and 40s decade. Also, my big inspiration is Lady Gaga, she is the icon ;)

Isabelle: When you won Covergirl, what were your feelings?
Eva: I felt amazing, proud, happy! It was my dream comtrue, and i tought that i was just dreaming :)

Isabelle: Thanks for being interviewed.

Eva: Oh, thank you for interviewing me! :)